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Welcome to 27 Corey, it’s a lot of fun, I swear!

Second…this is what I did tonight.  Happy New Year, Friends.

Marcus Kruger Sketch. Again, this is my original artwork. Steal it and I’ll slap you with a fish until you bruise. 🙂

Look at him! So SQUISHY!!!

COREY CRAWFORD STOPS GOALS (most of the time…except these last few games, but everyone has a few “off” days here and there) AND IS AWESOME!  The other day, I saw a picture of Corey Crawford as a child in his full goaltender gear, and the only thing that I could think of was “OH MY GOD HE LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME!”  It’s totally true though.  Crawford has that little kid face…cute-pudgy cheeks, plump lips and big brown eyes.  He’s totally squishable!  I want to squish him.  I want to pinch his cheeks and hug him until he can’t take it anymore!  Ugh, I just love Crawford.  When he’s not having an “emotional player slump” like he tends to have on occasion (at least that’s how it looks from tv land in my living room) he’s really fucking awesome.  He’s a spectacular little goaltender and I want him to be the most amazing goaltender the world has ever seen.  So far, he’s avoided that weird, sophomore slump (don’t let me down, man!) and with the exception of a few “WTF” games and moments, he has really rocked the goddamn house.  Like seriously, I wonder if he knows how much people just worship him.  If he does, he definitely doesn’t show it.  Corey Crawford is this really kick ass goalie on the ice, and he’s so badass at the game, when you meet him in person, you’re surprised.  Ok, at least I was.  I expected him to be pretty outgoing and have a really charming personality and be someone that was easy to make conversation with.  Well, I was kind of right…but throw in “um, kinda shy” and that’s more like it.  He seemed a little lost when Brian and I actually tried to have a conversation with him, as opposed to simply “Hi Corey, you’re awesome, sign my puck…ok bye.”  He seemed genuinely surprised that we actually had more to say, and that we even had a question that didn’t involve hockey. 

Corey Crawford gets "the belt" after a recent game. Kick ass.

And ever since then, he’s been the coolest guy to us.  Seriously, the coolest.  Corey Crawford is the kind of guy that’s not only going to remember your name and face, but he’s going to bring you on a special little journey because he can and because he’s a really cool dude.  Our special little journey happened to be the locker room at Johnny’s…while the team was occupying it.  It was hilariously awkward.  After a practice one day, he waved us down into the “Media Only” area or whatever the devil that little place is.  We ducked under the little “caution tape” barricade, passed up Kustock and all the media people and slipped inside the magical door to the other side of the world.  Standing there outside the entrance to the locker room, he talked with us for a few minutes, handed us the stick he had been using all day and then just as we were thinking our moment was over (as players were walking by us, wondering how we got down there, and some of them going “HIIII!!!!”  or “Really, you two agaiiiiiiiin?!” and whacking our butts and legs with sticks…Patrick Sharp…ahem) he says to us, “So, do you guys want a tour of the locker room?”  Before either of us could ask “Don’t you want to make sure everyone is out first?” He leads us directly into the stink-filled cavern that is the Hawks locker room area.  (He warned us about the smell.) And there I was, the only female standing in a room full of half-naked men who smelled like sweaty hockey pads and farts.  It’s really hard to describe just how insanely awkward it was to be in there.  I felt like I should be covering my eyes…because most of these men were entirely too young for me to be gazing at while they were half nude.  I can’t recall all of the details about who was (or wasn’t) wearing what, but I remember Troy Brouwer was in the corner with that awkward “WHAT DO I DOOOOOO?!” face, Tomas Kopecky yelled something about “where the magic happens,” and Duncan Keith snuck behind me and scared the buhjeezus out of me.  Thankfully, they all seemed to not mind our visit one bit.  Brian probably remembers a little bit more than I do as to who was sitting where and who was hiding in the corner without pants on, because he’s a guy, so these things don’t weird him out or make him awkward.  I’m a girl who was in there with her boyfriend.  Once again, I really thought I should be covering my eyes.  (And my face completely, so I could not be identified in the future had I made a complete fool of myself.)  I still claim that it was one of the most awkward (yet awesome…er, dare I say, CRAWESOME) moments of my life.  I can’t even think about that day without cracking up hysterically…and vomiting a little because of that smell.  Seriously, sweat and farts, not a great combination on one man, let alone a room full of them.  SO OKAY.  Now that I’ve grossed you all out…let’s move on.  For those of you still reading, I applaud you.  So let’s get to the good, normal things about Corey.  Like let’s get back to that precious face!  Ugh, don’t you just wanna scoop him up and kiss his chubby little cheeks?  (or, if he’s your type, his big luscious Crawford lips?)  And what is it about goaltenders that pulls the ladies from all corners of hockey fandom?  I think part of it is the pre-game stretching (thanks, Mary).  Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.  Don’t even lie!  Or maybe it’s the fact that as a whole, I feel like they’re all a little bit socially awkward (Niemi, Crawford, come on…the trend continues…) I mean, they do spend a lot of the game isolated and “left behind” in their little net-house.  Corey’s slightly awkward interviews and sad cracks at humor (like his “OH ZAMBONI!” outburst at Training Camp…) only add to his charm.  Last season, he wasn’t interviewed too often, and when he was, you could clearly see his nerves showing.  Since then (well, really since becoming our #1 guy) he’s improved, that’s for sure.  But there’s still that little bit of awkward shyness that I think is just part of his personality. And I love that!  Shy is just sexy cute to me.  But speaking further on the awkward thing, did anyone pick up the vibe of weird/awkward in his dad’s story (as recapped by Pat Foley) about his soccer/hockey goalie/forward story?  Ok, maybe awkward isn’t quite the word, but it was funny to me, and it’s not a story I normally hear.  I know kids change their minds about things fairly often (I still do now!) but it’s rare that they make a decision like that and stick with it.  The story that I’m obviously referring to here is basically the recap of how Corey “decided” to play as a goaltender.  Long story short, he went from a goaltender in soccer and a forward in hockey to just the opposite.  He just decided one day to make the switch, and he stuck to his guns.  Gotta love that!  He took on a new challenge because he wanted to, and he stuck to it, excelling at what he had chosen.  And lord, aren’t we glad he did?  I mean try to picture “Crow” anywhere else on the ice.  You can’t, can you?  Didn’t think so.  And that ability to accept new challenges and stick with it when he needs to prove he can do it is something else that makes him sexy.  Even now, Corey is called upon for challenge after challenge, and he succeeds almost seamlessly.  His effort shows through, and he’s amazing to watch.  I mean, look at his transition from our backup goalie to “Bad Ass Mother Effer” last season:  hard to picture that he wasn’t always the #1, isn’t it?  Corey’s determination, ability to take on challenges, his “stick to his guns” effort and his down to earth personality make him an admirable human being.  He’s everything you can ask an athlete or even a personto be.  It was hard giving him a title, because there were so many options, but I’ve settled on “Admirably Sexy.”  I think that sums up everything quite well.  He’s good looking, has amazing athletic skill and is going to be playing in this league for a while to come, and that’s sexy and admirable in itself, but outside of his “pro athlete” persona, he’s admirable in his daily life by being a genuine human being who treats fans, media and other athletes the same: as humans.  He treats people with respect, smiles when he talks to you, remembers your name and your face, and never lets his “fame” go to his head.  Corey is a great, shining example of what a person should be, and I want to hug him, squish him, and cheer for him forever.  Corey Crawford, we love you.  Now keep stopping goals, ok?  Thanks.  And to all of you readers out there, PLEASE write him in on the All Star Ballot.  Voting is open..nnnnnnow.  Ok bye.