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Happy Birthday, Steve Montador!! (Right) Don’t worry, Ray will hug you later.

A very happy birthday goes out to #5, Steve Montador!  You’re a pleasure to have on our team, and I hope you have a wonderful day!  Win tonight!  I promise I’ll bring you presents next time I see you. 


…and another

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Blackhawks
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Because I had such a positive response with the Leddy post…here’s another one I have finished recently. 

David Bolland....steal my art images and suffer the consequences.
David Bolland. As always, steal my art, and I’ll hunt you down. If this is your original photo, notify me so I can give you credit!

I still have some detail work and a little on the background, but other than that, it’s ready to go!

So I added some new stuff to my site, such as this beauty:

My Nick Leddy sketch:  STEAL THIS AND DIE.
My Nick Leddy Sketch: 18×24, pencil. For sale. (This is MY artwork, if you steal it without crediting me, I will probably email-harrass you until I have credit.)

There’s more stuff being posted on my website very soon, too.  I’m really focused on a specific project right now, though, so as soon as I can get to it, I will! 

Hey y’all…remember this?  And…how about how I’d really like to see it again?  Yeah, I sure would.

The original of this is still for sale if anyone wants it…it’s autographed. But you can order a print of it as well for a substantially lower price by clicking on the image. Lots of sizes, and you can even get it framed, matted, etc. It makes a pretty great gift…just sayin’! 🙂

Photography Prints

Oh Brent Seabrook....

I’m not sure why I waited this long to write about Seabrook.  He was just that lucky, I suppose.  But now, it’s finally his turn.  So let’s rejoice.  (Yaaaaay!)  Here’s the thing about me and Brent Seabrook.  Some days, I really think he’s a good looking young man.  But every now and then, I see a really weird photo or he has a bad hair day or something, and I look at him, and I think, “Oh god, no thank you!”  His attractiveness is a little bit “hit-or-miss” for me.  Thankfully, as I’m writing this, I just saw a new picture of him with a coworker of mine, and he looked fantastic, so it made me smile.  So it’s an “on” kind of day.  Lucky you guys.  So let’s see here, where do we start?  I feel like it would be breaking some sort of rule if I didn’t begin with his hair.  IT’S SO PRECIOUS AND FLUFFY!  (Or, on a bad day…it can be a little greasy, sweaty, lifeless and awkward.)  It’s like it has a mood system of its own and its own personality.  My very first face-to-face experience with Seaby-Seabs, he was wearing a classy, wool hat, so I couldn’t really take in the full glory of his fluffy head.  I was all alone, waiting for a friend in the lobby of my hotel, dressed nicely for our dinner outing.  As I turned around, I realized that the lobby had slowly filled with the entire Hawks team, complete with Adam Burish playing “peek-a-boo” with me with a piece of paper.  (He was another awkward first meeting, as you can tell.)  Awkwardness.  In their classy suit-attire, it was clear they were about to embark on their team dinner adventures.  Seabrook strolls over to where I am calmly waiting for my friend to save me from this weird moment, or so I thought, and he sits down next to me.  He folds his hands in his lap, looks me dead in the eye and asks, “So.  Are you going to dinner with us tooooo?!”  With Toews, Hossa and Hjalmarsson all looking on, I awkwardly answered his clear attempt at making me uncomfortable with, “Well, only if this is an invitation…in which case, let’s go before my friend comes back.”  The look on Toews’ face of “Ooooh she gotyou!” I’ll never forget, as I clearly caught Seabrook by surprise with my answer.  His attempts at embarrassment were thwarted!  Yeah, it was quite an awkward first-encounter, but it was a win on my part. 🙂  Anyway, back to his hair for another minute here.  It’s fluffy and delightful.  It’s moody.  It’s appealing, and it’s truly…Brent Seabrook.  Much like his weird exhale face is almost a trademark.  By the way, can we dissect that face for a bit?  See, there’s a clear reason why I haven’t done much drawing of Brent.  It seems like when I’m looking for new pictures for inspiration and fine detail, all of them feature that weird, exhale face.  It’s just so awkward!  It’s after seeing pages and pages of those where I have my “no, he’s just not attractive” moments.  I wish that more often, he could be captured simply smiling or looking like a normal human; photos where we can look at him and think, “my, what pretty lips and eyes you have, good sir. 

It's the awkward exhale face! Well, kind of. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

And your skin (when you shave) is flawless!”  (And what a nice little torso you have hiding underneath that shirt…as noted when you answer the door in your fighting stance wearing nothing but a towel…yes sir.)  And you know what else I’ve noticed?  Brace yourself for “Weird Melissa Thought of the Day.”  Brent Seabrook has really nice hands.  It’s pretty random, I’m aware.  But I noticed that the last time I saw him.  Like, does the boy moisturize?  Does he go for regular manicures these days?  Has he stopped chewing his fingertips and biting his nails?  (I’m assuming this is something he used to do…because it seems like a “man thing.”)  I mean, I know he’s superstitious and particular about things, but if he’s this way about his grooming habits…that’s pretty sexy.  It’s true that a man who grooms himself more often than his girlfriend is a little bit, um, weird, but a man who has soft hands, soft skin and takes care of himself…that’s pretty sexy, don’t you agree?  So maybe this “pretty hand” thing is a glimpse into his obsessive personal care habits.  Now let’s go back to that “obsessive, superstitious, routine” thing I passed over a minute ago.  I honestly think that this part of him is one of my favorite things.  It’s been talked about a lot, and especially in the beginning of this season.  Brent Seabrook is pretty serious about “routine” and superstition.  Many have made jokes about it, and there’s even a tee-shirt design floating around which references his pre-game routine.  (Hugging Duncan Keith is a double occurrence, according to the shirt)  Because of this, I’ve dubbed Brent “Superstitiously Sexy.”  Partially because it’s my favorite thing about him, but also partially because I figured “Fluffy Sexy” just didn’t carry the same weight.  It was a little too “unicorns and ponytails.”  While some will tell you that being roommates with a man this obsessive might be a nightmare, to those of us who don’thave to travel/live with him, it’s actually pretty cute!  Especially the part about hugging Duncs.  I don’t really care that this part is probably fabrication, it’s cute.  They have the most adorable bromance I’ve ever seen.  It’s tamed itself over the past year or so, but I don’t really think it will ever go away. 

I love a pair. (And as individuals of course)

They’re just meant to be.  Duncan Keith is Brent Seabrook’s partner in crime (fighting).  They’re like hetero-life-mates.  It’s like Duncan Keith is Batman and Brent Seabrook is Robin (minus the gay undertones, of course.)  They both are fantastically sexy, they are both wonderful little defensemen, and they both make a difference in their community.  Now hang onto that community thing, because we’re coming back to it after we discuss this whole “hockey player” thing.  When you think of Brent Seabrook on the ice, what is it you think of first?  No, get past the exhale face, we already covered that.  I don’t know about you, but I think of loud, crushing hits.  Like the ones that they play 3 times in a row on the screen at the UC as the “hit of the game” or whatever it’s called.  Boom.  Brent’s huge, strong body is perfect for shoving some poor, sorry opposing team member down to their butt.  Granted, sometimes throwing that weight around ends up with him injured or taking really funny pictures which make him look like he’s levitating…but that’s just an occupational hazard.  He’s a big body and he knows what to do with it:  block shots, slam sorry men into the boards/ice, and be awesome.  He’s a game changer when he’s having a great game, and he’s a total hazard when he’s having one of his infamous brain-farts (aka most of last season…).  But whether he’s up or down, good or bad from game to game, the fact is, this team would be lacking without the “expertise” of Brent Seabrook.  Ok, now as promised, let’s get back to the charity thing.  Something else that makes Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith similar is something else that makes the two of them truly sexy.  It’s that desire to give back.  Brent Seabrook is also a big name in the charity game (oh god does that sound cheesy, but I don’t care, I’m sticking with it.)  As you probably noticed, recently, Brent Seabrook’s ICE Bowl was held, and many people I know were lucky enough to attend.  (My broke ass was at home, wishing I was joining you all.)  “The Bowl” was an event set up to benefit ICE.  ICE stands for “Inner City Education.”  Seabrook’s activism is meant to benefit the student athletes at some of Chicago’s institutions.  One of my readers mentioned, “As a teacher it’s great to have a ‘local celebrity; working to better the education for these students.”  Education is key to everyone.  Without education, the future generations of the world are not going to be able to truly succeed.  The proceeds from the ICE event went to benefit the academic scholarships that ICE provided to Chicago-area hockey players who attended institutions such as Brother Rice, Notre Dame Prep, Mt. Carmel and others.  By giving them this assistance, they were able to take an extra step toward their true, full potential and invest in their education with assistance due to their hockey playing, therefore readying them for success.  It’s truly a great program.  Now another little tidbit in terms of charity, recently I read more about how and where Brent went to get his beautiful dogs.  It turns out, as I learned from a shelter volunteer and coworker of mine, he adopted from a Chicagoland shelter (Chicagoland Canine Rescue).  If you know me, you know that I really want a dog, and I really reallywant to adopt from a shelter, if possible. 

Seabs &'s puppy time.

Brent made an appearance last weekend at this shelter to help them celebrate their 10th anniversary and new shelter’s grand opening.  This speaks to my heart!  The proceeds went to benefit the dogs.  I didn’t get a chance to attend the event, but from what I heard from my coworker, Brent was a dear, as always, sticking around as long as he was able and talking about his dogs with the excitement of a small child talking about their own new puppy.  (So, basically, talking about them like I would talk about a new puppy….you know, because I’m a child when it comes to those mushy faced animals!)  He was charmingly adorable with the children at the event, and he made sure to go out of his way to talk with them, talk about puppies and take a few photos.  He’s just so darling, so genuine, and fantastic.  Ok, so I’m now realizing that I’ve rattled off quite a bit about Brenty-poo.  I could probably go on and on about him, because he’s just that great of a guy, and there is plenty of fantastic information that I haven’t even touched on in these paragraphs.  But I have to wrap this up before you all fall asleep in your chair from reading.  I’ll continue gushing about Seabrook some other time if you’d like.  All you have to do is ask.  Until then, take care, Brent.  Please don’t change.  Well, except for maybe getting healthy now that you’re injured.  Work on that…and the exhale face.  Please, stop the madness.

Sami Lepisto: Just, yes.

Sami, does coach hate you or something?  I mean, you’re a better hockey player than John Scott…usually, so I don’t see why you never play.  I think maybe he holds a grudge because you have better facial hair (I said facial hair, not mustache…no one can out-mustache Coach Q).  Or maybe he’s swayed by the whole “7-2-1 when John Scott plays” (or whatever the numbers are now…) thing.  Whatever, it’s a mystery to me.  We obtain a fairly good defenseman, and never skate him.  *Shoulder shrug* Truthfully, I don’t know very much about Lepisto outside of his Twitter account, good looks and questionable choices in shoes.  (He’s European…so it’s allowed.)   I’ve kind of had to dig around for some info on Sami, relying on what I hear from the girls at games, what I read online and what the magazines seem to say…and then draw my own conclusions.  Honestly, Sami was a pain in the ass when I didn’t have much information on him. I mean, he’s really a good looking guy, so writing about what makes him physically sexy was not too much of a challenge.  He has pretty, blue eyes, a huge smile, and fantastic “hockey hair.”  And I’m not usually a huge fan of facial hair, but man, his little goatee works.  He rocks it pretty well.  He also has that sense of “silly” to him…like he doesn’t quite realize that he’s a really good-looking guy, and he’s trying to win you over with a charming, witty personality.  Sami, you don’t need to do that, but we’re glad you try.  I’m pretty sure you could just look at a girl, smile, and you’d win.  But I really love the fact that you have a warm personality to go along with your Finnish good looks.  (By the way, my autocorrect keeps changing “Finnish” to “Finish.”  Are you telling me to not write this blog today, autocorrect?)  Speaking of good looks, he’s roommates with Daniel Carcillo.  This might be the most hilariously sexy room in Blackhawks history (well, since Burish/Sharp).  Between the two of them, the good looks and humor are just…overwhelming.  Massive quantities.  Seriously…I’m just saying.   Ok, so what else do I personally love about Mr. Sami Lepisto.  First of all, he has openly admitted to really loving the city of Chicago.  He did claim that it was one of his favorite road cities.  He loves the team, he loves the fans, and he loves the anthem.

Is this your "I hate the anthem in Chicago" face while in Columbus? Yes?

Then again, who doesn’t?  Of course, he also admitted to the fact that he used to hate it in his life as a non-Hawk.  But then again, isn’t that how it should be?! 😉   What’s sexy is that he said this in public.  I mean, I know players say things on occasion just to get in good with fans, but for whatever reason, I really feel like Sami means it.  He’s just a seemingly all-around genuine kind of guy.  Maybe it’s that quiet, humble, lovable bit about him, but he just strikes me as “real.”  Know what I mean?  And lord knows I love “real.”  Sami Lepisto seems like that really sweet, quiet guy who had that winning sense of humor, style and charm, but he never quite achieved his full-blown “heartthrob status.”  He’s that guy in high school that was so friendly and sweet and good looking, but you never gave him a shot because he wasn’t the quarterback (er…captain?  Keep it in context here.)  He was a great friend, but you never really found him to be particularly attractive or sexy.  But then one day, you were minding your own business at home, cleaning up the poop that your brand new puppy left on the floor, watching a hockey game, and you see your old friend Sami skating with an NHL team…and a big name, no less.  And you drop the poopy-bag on the floor, scaring your dog and making a mess, and you think to yourself, “My god…why didn’t I give this guy a shot years ago?  LOOK AT HIM!  Wow…he’s…gorgeous.”  Your dog is barking but you’re too busy being captivated by Sami’s blue eyes.  Suddenly now that he has the bright lights and public display of playing on the Blackhawks, ladies are noticing this beauty.  They’re stopping and paying attention to this beautiful piece of man, and they’re falling in love with those blue eyes and perfectly delicate smile.  His charm is suddenly appreciated by the women around him, and Sami is truly coming into his own “sneaky heartthrob” status.  He’s just so lovable.  All around, the man is lovable.  While the “all about the looks” girls are still drooling over their Jonathan

Photo credit: via Google Images. Visit her site for more amazing photos.

Toews posters and Patrick Kane mullets, the more refined tastes of the “there’s more to a man than a pretty face” ladies are realizing that Sami has got it all:  the perfect looks, yes of course…but he also has that well-dressed European sense of fashion, the silly sense of humor and quirky personality, a badass of a roommate (to make himself look more “delicate,” of course), and how can we forget that he has a great job and a nice car.  You know, those last two are just a bonus, but come on.  Ladies, it’s definitely a selling point, am I right?  Man, that Sami is just…so…perfect!  I mean, come on, Twitter followers, when you see him post photos you have to admit, you always look.  And if you’re female, chances are, you’re not having a moment of shame admitting that if it’s a picture of his face (especially if he’s smiling) you look at it for an extra few seconds.  Burn that image into your brain, am I right?  Now I realize that most of this blog has really focused on Sami Lepisto being “pretty” and I’ve even used words like “delicate” and stuff, but I want to make it clear that even though I use those words, in no way am I trying to make him seem weak or anything.  Fact is, he’s still a hockey player.  And honestly, even the biggest wimps in the hockey world are still tougher than most baseball players.  Yeah, I just said that.  Baseball fans, get over it.  I’m a baseball fan too, but you can’t deny that the “injuries” baseball players use to go on the disabled list are ridiculous.  I mean, would you be able to call in sick to work with some of these?  I surely wouldn’t!  A sore thumb is not a reason to sit out during a game.  If getting hit in the face with a puck doesn’t stop Duncan Keith or Dan Carcillo (or any others for that matter) your sore pinky shouldn’t stop you.  “Oh but it’s my throwing hand” big fuckin’ deal.  It’s their “seeing face,” and “eating teeth.”  I have no sympathy.  Rub some dirt on it, tape that shit up and get the fuck back out there.  *end rant.*  Ok.  My point is, even as pretty as he is, Sami is still, by default, somewhat of a badass because quite

Sami Lepisto, Thursday, March 24, 2011, in Glendale, Ariz. The Coyotes defeated the Blue Jackets 3-0. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

frankly, hockey players are badass.  There’s a reason these men are the sexiest athletes of all.  They’re tough.  They’re determined.  They’re everything we talked about in the first hockey blog.  Sami’s no exception.  Thus far, he is simply lucky enough that his good looks have not been permanently ruined or even damaged in the slightest by the “accidental injury” nature of the sport.  Even though, I’m sure even with a few dings or scars, the toughness would only add to his beauty.  See, this is the beautiful thing about Lepisto!  Even if he were to bust a nose or somehow “alter” his beautiful face, I’m sure it would still  be prettier than almost any guy out there.  He’s just that beautiful.  Beautifully badass, I suppose we can say.  Oh man, Sami, the more I blab about you, the more attractive you seem to become.  The more photos I find of you, both new and old, the more I realize that you’re a true stud!  I don’t know if you realize it, and if you do…you do a great job of “playing humble.”  Either way, please, stay exactly the way you are.  I wouldn’t change a single thing about you.  (Ok maybe that’s a lie…I’d change the amount of time you played every game, but that’s why I’m not one making those decisions.)  I only hope that you stick around for a while and I can get to learn more about you so I can maybe write this again in the future and write about more than your pretty face and gorgeous blue eyes…even though I’m totally content with an entire entry about them 🙂  You’re lovable, Sami.  Stay that way please, and Chicago will continue to…well…love you!

Niklas Hjalmarsson: Can you pronounce it correctly?

Say what you want about Hammer’s “lackluster” start to this season, but the boy is a charmer.  A little bit quiet, but always good to bring a ray of sunshine into your day, Niklas is just a little hottie.  Ever since that Ikea commercial, it seems like the little girlies (and not-so-little-girlies)  have been in love with Niklas Hjalmarsson.  And honestly, can you blame them?  I mean, I still see that commercial on occasion, and it’s like I’m a 14 year old girl falling in love with him all over again.  The silly background song can play in my head, over and over, and all I can think of is his commercial.  He’s just so damn cute  with that accent and that awkward charm…ugh.  He’s almost irresistible.  And with pictures like the one below floating around the internet, it’s no wonder that the Swedish Meatball is stealing the hearts of swooning ladies everywhere.  Those Swedes, what’s not to like?  They’re beautiful, their language is insanely confusing (intriguing might be a better word) and what is it about Sweden that makes their men have dimples?!   I’d like to know, because if there’s something I can do to make my own children (someday) have dimples, I will be following directions word for word.  The boy could hold M&Ms to his face without even using his hands!  That’s no easy feat!  But seriously, that’s what I first loved about Hjalmarsson…the dimples. (And his musical taste, but that’s another story for another blog.)  The boy smiles and it’s like craters in his face…and they make you smile.  For the first bit of my Hjalmarsson-loving phase (yeah, every girl has one…shut up) I even referred to him as dimples.  “Oh, there goes Dimples.”  Said numerous times driving around the city and realizing that he’s driving next to you.  (Ask me about my car dancing.  Yeah, those are good stories. 

Wait....WHAT? Oh I feel dirty for even having this on here....whatever, it's out there.

I only wish I had a blog to write about John Madden because his experience is the most embarrassing.)  Niklas Hjalmarsson is beautiful, there’s no doubt.  Even after bringing home the Cup and having that really awkward 1970s creeper facial hair at Harry Caray’s, you still couldn’t help but melt when you saw his pretty blue eyes and happy-kid smile.  And you know what, I can’t say enough about what a nice guyhe is.  I feel like I say this about everyone, but it’s true, and it bears repeating.  Ask anyone about Niklas Hjalmarsson and how willing he is to talk to you, sign a few autographs and make you happy.  You’ll hear the same thing, over and over, “Man, I have so many Hjalmarsson autographs it’s ridiculous.  I’m now to the point where if he does stop, I just smile and say hi, because I don’t need a fifteenth puck for my collection.  Seriously.”  And that’s the honest truth.  He’s just DARLING!  For those that go to practices or stay after on game day, Hammer seems to stop almost every time (well, maybe not so far this season, but if I had a brand new car to drive, I wouldn’t want to stop either…not after the old stories about the Hossa incident…by the way, I have a car crush on both of their vehicles.  Ugh, seriously.) and signs anything and everything you could possibly ask for.  I don’t go very often, because a) I have a full time job, and b) I usually don’t have anything I need signed for gifts or my personal collection, but there was one day in particular that I did go (when the weather is nice, sometimes going to these things is just a ton of fun for the social aspect…) I remember Hjalmarsson drove out, and pulled over to sign for a handful of people.  What stuck out to me, was that the man had his “signing hand” bandaged up and you could see the purple, busted fingers underneath the tape.  I remember someone asking, “Are those fingers broken?”  He simply responded with “Yep,” and a smile.  Someone else asked if he was playing tonight, and he of course said yes.  He signed for every person standing there, and I just watched.  Pleasant as always, he was all smiles and even with broken fingers that clearly looked like they were in pain, he was still eager to please those who support him.  I’m sorry, but if my fingers were broken on my drawing hand, you can bet your ass I wouldn’t be picking up a writing utensil unless I was signing court documents…and even then, I’d ask if they’d accept a left-handed signature.  What a trooper.  What a darling.  He even asked Brian to crawl into the back seat of his car to get something out for him.  It was awkward at first, but it makes for a funny memory.  But anyway, let’s get back to the sexy stuff. 

One of my favorite Hjalmarsson pictures of all time. I just LOVE his face!

With the exception of this season so far (because let’s face it, he’s been pretty dismal and depressing) Niklas Hjalmarsson is quite the defenseman.  During the 2010 season, he was a vital part to our team, that’s for sure.  I can think of numerous occasions where something he did (blocked a shot with that diving body thing he does, or scored a random, out of nowhere goal that surprised even him) directly impacted the outcome of a game.  The man seemed to be unstoppable.  He could be relied upon for a good number of hits, a fair amount of crazy, body-sacrificing shot blocks and some wizard-like defense moves.  And when there were fluttering rumors that it was possible that he would end up somewhere else the next season, people were freaking out!  I even remember playing a prank on a friend at one point and saying that he had been traded.  She flipped out and had I seen her face, I’m sure it would have been full of “heartbroken tears.”  People LOVE Nik Hjalmarsson whether he’s playing well or not!  I mean, come on.  There was a youtube video and a silly song made for the guy.  If you haven’t seen it, go search for it.  It’s worth viewing.  It’ll be stuck in your head all day.  But anyway, a name that long and that hard to pronounce (it’s really not that hard, people just can’t do the “Repeat After Me” thing, apparently…Chris Boden, you’re guilty of this a LOT.  “Jarrrrmulsun” is not correct)  has to equal sex appeal.  It’s that Europe thing again.  Accents, long and strange names, non-American spellings and all those sorts of things are what make foreign men really sexy, can you argue?  You know what else is really awkwardly appealing about Hammer?  Now, I know that a lot of people will call it weird or even hideous, but on occasion, the boy’s really tacky fashion sense is kind of cute!  Think about that golfing outfit from last season (or the one before.  I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about even if the year is wrong.)  It was terribly mismatched, that hat was just….awful, but because he’s Niklas, he made it work in his own quirky little way.  I mean can you picture anyone but darling Nik in that getup?  Surely it would have caused internet revolting if Toews had shown up in that nonsense.  Hjalmarsson has this unflappable confidence that makes even his weirdest of decisions look sexy.  And that…is just darling, don’t you agree?

Ugh, this picture is just too cute for words. I just can't handle all of the cuteness!

  Speaking of darling, something else that not everyone may agree with (fan girls this means you!  Beware, I’m about to reference a hockey player’s relationship status…)  is the fact that I find his choice in women absolutely impeccable.  Hammer’s lovely girlfriend (girlfriend, lady, wifey-poo, yadda yadda….they’re together.  Terms are not important) is just…beautiful.  Again, I’m jealous of how beautiful this girl is…and how insanely sweet she is.  If you’re following her on Twitter, you know that even if it takes her a week, if you ask a question, you’ll get a response.  She’s a sweetheart, and man, it’s just so sexy when a really gorgeous, nice guy finds an equally gorgeous, nice girl.  Ahhh so perfect.  Ok, I know that this has very little to do with his personal sex appeal, but I’m rambling here.  My brain goes where it wants, and you’re on the journey with me.  I just had to throw in that Elina is freakin’ beautiful.  It’s almost not fair.  Anyway…Niklas Hjalmarsson, you’re wonderful.  Don’t let people get you down for saying that your season is off to a terrible start (even if it is…) just please, prove us all wrong and get it together really soon.  We miss that hard-hitting, diving, goal-saving little animal that we’ve grown so used to and love so much.  Really, We miss it!