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…to one of my FAVORITE former Blackhawks boys.  Happy Birthday, Adam Burish 🙂

One of my favorite men on the planet. 🙂


Welcome to 27 Corey, it’s a lot of fun, I swear!

Second…this is what I did tonight.  Happy New Year, Friends.

Marcus Kruger Sketch. Again, this is my original artwork. Steal it and I’ll slap you with a fish until you bruise. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Steve Montador!! (Right) Don’t worry, Ray will hug you later.

A very happy birthday goes out to #5, Steve Montador!  You’re a pleasure to have on our team, and I hope you have a wonderful day!  Win tonight!  I promise I’ll bring you presents next time I see you. 

If your’e easily offended by me ranting about how people can be a little creepy sometimes…stop it right there. (Eh, see what I did there?) I’m about to call out the creepers. So in the last few days, I’ve noticed that the views on this little blog have gone up…a lot. Like, quadruple their normal amounts. It’s probably because of “The Bolland Controversy” and the whole “Patrick Sharp Becoming a Papa” thing, but either way, more views = more people that don’t know me are reading my stuff. And I don’t mind. By all means, read away! But I have to remind everyone out there that I never really meant for this blog to reach the masses. I didn’t start this thing to become “a Hawks blogger” or any other kind of blog writer trying to influence opinions, inform, or even entertain. I set this up for my own amusement and to write things for friends to read…because let’s face it, sometimes Facebook and/or Twitter just doesn’t fit the need to communicate a hilarious story. Now, another reminder is that if you used Google or Bing or Yahoo to find my site, I can see what search terms were used to drive traffic my way. It’s a feature of wordpress. So…just thought I’d make you all aware of that, since lately some really weird terms have been used to find this page. Like, say, “naked hockey players.” While I understand that sort of thing may interest many, I cannot supply you with information or photos. And for that, I apologize. But this whole Google thing, it brings up another point that kind of weirds me out. It’s amazing the sorts of information people search for on the internet. I mean, I’ve known this for a while, and I’ve searched for some pretty random things, this is true. But reading some of the search terms really makes me uncomfortable sometimes. Search terms like “Corey Crawford’s personal life” come up, and while again, I understand the curiosity, it’s just weird to think that there are people out there who care enough about the personal lives of these guys to google it. Me, sure, I know more than a lot of people when it comes to some of their lives, but I didn’t learn my information by googling. I learned it through personal experiences and one hilariously amazing year. These guys have become like a family to me, in a way. Some closer than others, of course (since I hardly have had any conversation time with a lot of the new guys) but I feel overprotective of them like I would members of my family. So when I see people posting negative things, googling things like “Viktor Stalberg License Plate” and someone telling me that “Bolland’s gf is only with him for the money” I DO take it personally. People are allowed to have their opinions, yes, but if someone attacked your family with slander and negativity, you’d feel a little defensive, right? Maybe a little bit weirded out if it was a complete stranger? Yeah, that’s how I feel. Now when it comes to things like googling license plates and trying to find photos of their girlfriends or children, I think that is where things push past awkward and start to voyage into creepy. I mean, what are you going to do with Stalberg’s license plate? Are you going to stalk him? Are you a cop? Did someone that looked like Stalberg hit your car and drive off and you want to verify that it’s him? If it’s the last two, great…google away. But chances are, it’s not…and your searching is merely a stalking attempt, innocent as it may be. I know, some “stalking” is really just meant to be funny and inside jokes. I’ve been there, I understand, but there are people out there who will take personal info like that and go overboard. So if you were directed to this blog by googling things like I mentioned, I’m sorry, but this will not be a place for you to get info. You’re welcome to read on, but just a fair warning. Now, notice how I didn’t even address the third thing in that list of “things that people do.” The Bolland/money thing…yeah, I don’t even think I should justify that with a response. If you think that about that couple…fuck you, you don’t know a thing, so before you jump to ridiculous conclusions, get your goddamn facts straight and maybe learn a little about what love really is. There. It’s been addressed. Let’s move on. The bottom line, people, is that this blog was set up to share personal experiences, opinions, and give my friends a place to read funny things and laugh. If you’re looking for “official” info, I’m probably not your best source. If you’re looking for stalker material, sorry, try the creeper boards/blogs. That’s not my domain. If you’re here to slam the Hawks, you can say what you want, but just remember that these men are like family to me. And if you slam them, lie about them, or jump to some sort of idiotic conclusion about them, I will defend. I will probably call you out, and I will probably offend you. Just as you would defend your family, I will defend mine. So the lesson learned here is to stop being a creeper. If you’re here to read my blog, by all means I encourage it. Stop searching for personal information to make yourself “seem” more important and/or connected. If you want to get to know these guys, it’s not that hard. Just show up. Trust me, it can be done. Searching for photos of their children and wives won’t do it. These guys and their families are real people. Quit being a creeper. Thanks.

…and another

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Because I had such a positive response with the Leddy post…here’s another one I have finished recently. 

David Bolland....steal my art images and suffer the consequences.
David Bolland. As always, steal my art, and I’ll hunt you down. If this is your original photo, notify me so I can give you credit!

I still have some detail work and a little on the background, but other than that, it’s ready to go!

So I added some new stuff to my site, such as this beauty:

My Nick Leddy sketch:  STEAL THIS AND DIE.
My Nick Leddy Sketch: 18×24, pencil. For sale. (This is MY artwork, if you steal it without crediting me, I will probably email-harrass you until I have credit.)

There’s more stuff being posted on my website very soon, too.  I’m really focused on a specific project right now, though, so as soon as I can get to it, I will! 

So, in case you didn’t know, over the weekend, Patrick Sharp became a daddy.  A HUGE congratulations go out to Patrick & Abigail Sharp on the birth of their daughter, Madelyn Grace Sharp. (I think that’s the correct spelling, but don’t quote me on it!) And oh my goodness, is she a precious little munchkin!  Seriously, tears of joy from a non-family member here (although, over the past couple of years, I’ve started to realize that these boys are a lot more “family like” than my own family sometimes…)

Patrick Sharp & his new baby, Madelyn

 Don’t lie, you can see a little bit of daddy in those eyes 😉  But seriously, congratulations, Sharps!  You guys are so blessed, and even though fan-girls everywhere may be freaking out, I’m insanely happy for you.  Now Patrick, keep up this “baby weekend playing awesome” stuff.  And if you need a babysitter at any time….you know….I’m around…. (haha)