I saw this, and I HAD to repost it’s floating around Tumblr, and I love it.  🙂  Enjoy.

1. Which teammate would you allow to babysit your daughter and who would you forbid?: The last person I would pick would be Duncan Keith, for multiple reasons. He doesn’t know what day it is, doesn’t know when the next game is. He’s clueless. I trust some of the older guys. Sean O’Donnell is like a father figure. I love listening to him talk. His voice could put me to sleep. Some of the younger guys, I’d probably stay away from little man Kane. Stalberg would probably try to use my daughter as a tool to pick up chicks, but he’d take good care of her so maybe Stalberg.

2. Along the line of the last question, knowing who has the hands to score around here, who do you trust to hold your baby or not hold your baby?: If I bring Madelyn to the rink I’m going to keep her out of Dan Carcillo and John Scott’s cement hands. Little man Kane with his baby soft hands can hold her anytime he wants. You know what, Marcus Kruger. He’s got good hands and good patience so I would pass her off to him as well.

3. Easier to score on Antti Niemi or change a diaper?: Probably change a diaper. I got a couple lucky ones on Antti but changing a diaper isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Just have to put a mask on, plug the nose a little bit and go to work.

4. Has she spit up on any Hawks apparel yet like Kane’s jersey?: No, not yet. We have lots of little mini-jerseys and onesies that she’ll be wearing. I don’t think she’s worn any Hawks apparel yet, but she’ll be spitting up on it soon enough.

5. Has anyone come to visit yet?: Some of the other wives and girlfriends have come over. I know Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith have been dying to come over and see her but my wife Abbey said no. But they’ll be the first ones to come for sure.


I will start with this: Beachbody is an amazing company. They are the first company I have truly believed in, and there has not been one product, series or idea that they have put out there that I didn’t understand, embrace and recommend to everyone in my life. I love this company, I do. 100% of my personal success is a direct result of Beachbody. It wasn’t until I started using their products and embracing the community that I had any kind of success. If you are looking for a company that cares about its customers and really stands behind their message, Beachbody is that company. I have nothing but amazing things to say about them. With that being said, I have to share with you my personal struggles. For a couple of years, I have been a Beachbody Coach. Yet, in those few years, I have had little to no success. My rank has not changed, my income has hardly increased, and while the discount on their amazing products is quite the perk, the membership & website fees (though insanely low when compared with other companies) is starting to really bust my budget now that I have purchased a desperately-needed new car. I am still a 1.5 income household. I am still struggling paycheck to paycheck. And while the opportunity to succeed with Beachbody and really earn more and do more with them (the idea that I can succeed with them so well that I could quit my full time job) is appealing, and I know plenty of people who have done just that, I am struggling, and I am considering finally hanging it up as a coach. I don’t want to, but unless I can have that “a-ha” experience, it’s going to be necessary. Here’s a breakdown of the reasons I think I am struggling. I’m not using these as excuses. In fact, I encourage other coaches, business owners, etc. to read these and give me feedback as to how to reverse these situations and make this opportunity work for me. So here we go, a breakdown of the struggles I have with Beachbody Coaching. Keep in mind, these are not struggles that everyone will face, and I do not discourage you from signing up as a coach yourself. In fact, I encourage it wholeheartedly.

  1. Lack of Direction: Here’s the story of how my coaching career began. I signed up, eager to get down to business and drive my success like no other! I read my manuals, filled out my personal goal worksheets, set up my home office, sent out emails announcing my new plans, contacted the people in my upline…and I waited to hear a response…from anyone. The response from family: “Oh, well that’s nice. Are you sure paying for this monthly is a good idea since you’re currently unemployed?” The response from friends: “Oh cool, so does this mean you can get me a discount on things?” The response from my upline: None. I tried again, no response. Not one person in my upline has ever returned a single contact attempt. Maybe I was just unlucky in where I was placed. Maybe the person who’s string I was placed in was one of those “I’m in it for the discount” coaches and I just lost out on placement, I don’t know. But whatever the reason, I’ve never had any contact from my upline, and therefore I have never truly been given a “here’s how to get started” lesson outside of videos and brochures available on the Coach Homepage. So Coaches, here’s my question for you: if you’ve experienced this, how did you get past it? How did you reach out to someone else? Who was it? I’ve heard to reach out to “Coach Relations” a few times, but here’s the problem: I don’t know who that is. So help me out. That’s right, I’m asking other coaches for help. Which brings me to point #2…
  2. Coach “Rivalry:” I don’t know if anyone else has seen this at all, but I sure have. To me, coaching is a business based on individual effort as well as a team effort, this is true. However, it’s still a community and I feel like if I reach out to another coach, they should be willing to help, not shun me away. Maybe this was just my own personal experience, but in the past, I contacted a few other coaches and asked for help in starting over. I explained my feeling of being lost and my true desire to succeed, and I was given the brush off. The people that were supposed to help me turned me away because I was not a “part of their team.” It was as if they were worried I was going to steal their secrets or something, when all I really wanted to do was get a little push in the right direction; get advice, maybe have a face to face meeting or an email conversation. I hear of people I know (granted, not that I know well but people I have met face to face before) having this great success, and I turn to them for help and they treat me like some sort of corporate spy, stealing their business secrets. Just because I’m not in your downline doesn’t mean you can’t give me a little bit of advice. I’m not asking for how to “beat you,” I’m asking how to get started to create my own path and my own success. When my own “team” doesn’t respond to my inquiries, I have to look elsewhere, and I’d rather turn to someone that I have at least met before…rather than an anonymous source at corporate headquarters.
  3. Lack of Time: Now I know this one seems like the ultimate excuse. But I assure you, it’s not. I want to know how you successful coaches have managed to fit this into your schedules. Those of you who do this full time, I admire you and I aspire to have that same success. But I know you all had to start somewhere, and you were probably in my shoes once: working a full time job to pay the bills, taking on various side projects to earn income, balancing work, social life and family…how did you fit in your coaching? What are the “little things” I can do that will make the biggest impact? I get frustrated because I see all of these webinars and videos and live chats that I know I should attend, but they are all happening while I’m at work or while I’m in the middle of another project. I assume this is where a lot of information is revealed and explained (see point number 4, coming up), but working an 8-5 job means I can’t attend. And I know that most of these webinars or calls are recorded and available to review later on, but when I get home from my 8-5, most of the time I am working on art projects, spending time with family or doing something else that I find equally important, and by the time I have a few minutes to at least get started listening to a recording or watching a video, it’s 6 hours until I have to wake up to start the next day. A busy schedule should be no excuse. So coaches, help me out. How do you budget your time? How do you decide which calls/webinars/etc. are more important? Do you catch them all if possible? Do you “not miss certain ones?” And furthermore, how do you hear about them more than a few hours before? Because it also seems like I don’t hear about any of these things until a few minutes before they happen…or after they’re already over.
  4. Lack of Knowledge of Events/Products: As I briefly touched on in #3, I feel like a lot of the important information is revealed in calls/webinars/etc. And as explained, I have yet to find a way to make these things fit into my schedule, and I’m overwhelmed with how many there are, and I’m almost intimidated by the thought of starting at the beginning and reviewing all of the ones available. But it seems to me that a lot of these really cool events and products are things that I could easily use as tools to promote and build my business (as you other Coaches have…) but I feel like I never hear about them until it’s too late. For example, this whole “Challenge” thing…I’m still not really sure what it is, how to use it, etc. I’ve read the information in the pdfs and I’ve tried to figure it out, but I still don’t know how to use this to my advantage. But because I don’t have a team who has ever responded to inquiries and I can’t make it to live events, etc., I’m in the dark. In fact, I didn’t even know that the “Challenge” was going on until it was weeks into it. I visited my coach office in the morning (as I do every day) and I see things about “How So and So is Blowing it Up with the Beachbody Challenge” and whatnot, and I had no idea what they were talking about. It’s overwhelmingly frustrating to me. I want to know about these things. I want to use them and take advantage of the tools available. But when my main source of news and information is the Coach Homepage itself, it’s hard. Many of the things I want to know about don’t show up in the news feed, and if they do…it’s almost too late for me to use it. So I want to know if there are any of you out there who are in my boat: no ability to attend webinars, etc. on a regular basis and using the coach homepage as your primary source of information. If you are, how are you hearing news as it happens?
  5. Overwhelmed by Information and Events: While this is a good thing, it is also quite the point of frustration. There is SO MUCH GOING ON with Beachbody all the time. From new products to live events, chats, webinars, calls, promotions, opportunities, and so on and so on…there are tons of things going on at the same time. If I had all day to sort through them all, I could probably keep up fairly easily. However, I don’t have a full day to do that. So by the time I get a few minutes (or if I’m lucky, a few hours) to sit down and read up on things, four new things have popped up and I’m back being way behind again. How do you guys stay on top of what’s happening? I assume that this, along with most of my other issues, are all the result of the support of your coaching team. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  6. Inability to Attend Events: Speaking of things going on and how there is A TON, one of the really cool things that Beachbody and its Coaches seem to do is host live events. Whether that’s a community thing, a house party, the Summit, whatever it may be…a gathering of like-minded individuals, whether for the purposes of connecting with other coaches or recruiting new team members or just reaching out to your community to spread health and wellness through a weekly fit club workout…it’s a really admirable idea. However, I have yet to have the ability to attend even one of these events. Many of the ones I would like to attend because I feel they would be beneficial to overcoming my struggles are not local, therefore they are out of the question because I cannot afford to take days off work and travel to a seminar or gathering. I have yet to hear of any kind of helpful event in my area (Chicago suburbs, for those wondering) that I have been able to fit into my schedule or travel to, but I would love to attend one if given the chance. I would love to sit in on a “new coach training.” It would thrill me to work out with others via a fit club. I would love to attend any sort of gathering where I can connect with people who understand my passion for this company, whether they are coaches or just people that love fitness. I want to attend events. I want to bring friends to events and expose them to these things that I love. I would love to host one of my own, but as the next point will explain…I have yet to be able to do it. So Coaches, a question for you: what events, when scheduled in your area, do you consider a “DO NOT MISS” event? Which types of events have you learned the most, made the most connections, had an a-ha moment, etc.? Are there certain events that take priority over others? Do you attend every single one you can? Give me a little insight as to how you operate.
  7. Lack of Community Interest: I touched on this in the last paragraph, but this is one that really is starting to get to me. I mentioned that I would love to have the ability to host events and gather up people who have this desire to pursue fitness, whether as a coach, customer or just a supporter…whatever role they would be willing to pursue. My struggle comes when I realize that though I have a lot of “fit-minded” friends, not one of them has ever taken my passion seriously. They’ve seen my story, whether through my retelling of it, or by seeing me go from point a to point b, and they know that this is for real. However, when it comes to trying to show them the benefits of anything I do or use, I always get the same response. “No thanks.” I’ve tried organizing events, getting friends together to attend events, etc., and each time, it falls through due to lack of interest or response. They say it starts with who you have closest to you (friends and family) and while that’s true, they can only say “no” to you so many times before they’re going to get frustrated. I know. For instance, my mom has seen me through my entire journey. She believes in the products and the company as I do, but when I ask her, “Mom, you’ve been borrowing my Turbo Jam DVDs at least once a month for the past year, why don’t you make the investment and get a copy for yourself?” or “I know you love the way Shakeology makes you feel, and you said you really thought it tasted great, why not sign up for HD and guarantee your supply each month?” or even “Mom, your progress is so encouraging. You need to share your story with others like I do, you’re already doing this all the time, why don’t you just try out being a coach?” Her response is always the same. “Why would I want to buy the series if I can borrow it from you all the time? Why would I order Shakeology for myself, let alone on home direct, when it’s so expensive, and I don’t have it every day? I can’t justify paying a fee each month to join the Beachbody club, let alone a different fee to become a coach, especially when I see the struggles you’re having.” Talk about discouraging. It’s true, when there’s a coach around, everyone wants everything for free. They know you have it, and when you lend out a series for them to “try it,” they seem to never make the leap to purchase it for themselves. They want to “borrow it” once a month when they feel the need. They want your extra Shakeology samples. They want you to buy things for them to get a discount. (Because once you share with them the perks of coaching when they show interest, once they find out that there’s a discount, they just say “Oh, well instead of becoming a coach, why don’t I just give you the money and you order it with your discount?”) It’s insanely frustrating to find so few people who have a true interest in this concept. And that’s really shocking to me, honestly. I attended NPTI and made connections with some great fitness minds, and you would think that this would be the jackpot for where to make connections and build your team, but it wasn’t. In fact, when I shared my story, the general response was, “Oh, that’s great. Good thing you’re getting real training now and you can leave the DVDs behind.” Ouch. So yes, lack of community interest has been a BIG struggle for me. How do you other coaches respond to negativity or resistance like this?
  8. Frustration Over Others’ Success: Now this one, I know is going to seem like personal jealousy, and you know what…it sort of is. I’ll be honest. I have seen people that I know start this business years after I have, and they are KILLING IT. They are earning more, doing more, and they are loving what they do in a way that I have never experienced…and it’s frustrating. I don’t know if it’s because some of them turned to Beachbody after losing a job and therefore had all day to do it, or if they fit it into a packed schedule like mine…but whatever their means, they have found their way, and it kills me to be so in the dark. I’ve been at this for a few years, and I’m struggling to find my “a-ha” moment. I’m struggling to prioritize what the most important things to focus on in this business seem to be. I’m behind, I’m last to learn everything, and I have no idea where to start…and people I know are crushing their goals, and I have no idea how they’re doing it. Again, chalk it up to having a great “team,” or to having more time on their hands, or whatever, but the fact is…they’re doing it, so I should be able to do it too! I want it. I want to be successful, but I also don’t want to lose sight of all of the other elements of my life. For instance, I don’t want to give up my art as a side income. It’s not only a side income, but it’s a passion. So telling me, “Well, stop drawing for a while and focus on BB Coaching” is not going to fly. While I’m willing to cut back on my workload after the holidays, eliminating that from my life is not going to happen. Especially not when it’s what brought Brian & I together (well, that and the Hawks, which you will also not get me to eliminate…just saying! Everyone has their one social outlet, and I gave up things like the bar scene, concerts and most vacations to make room for the Hawks). I see people with passions for other things; art, music, fashion, business, whatever. They have made this business fit their timeline without sacrificing their other passions, and it kills me! So know this, coaches, if you are successful, I am jealous. I will openly admit it. And you know that when a jealous person is honestly seeking assistance and/or help, they don’t like being talked down to. So when I ask for help, don’t treat me like a child. Don’t treat me like I’m lazy or stupid when I ask honest questions. Don’t laugh at me when I ask a question where the answer “seems so obvious.” Don’t talk to me like you’re a superior. Please, talk to me like someone who wants to help me. And if you don’t want to help me, don’t pretend like you do. I am jealous of you, and I want to know how to obtain your success, not steal your customers and business secrets. Honestly. I’ve run into this problem as well. And I’m not saying this is the general manner from coaches, Carl D., or anyone at Beachbody itself, but merely an issue I have run into that frustrates me. When I ask questions, sometimes I am treated like I’m a nuisance; like I’m just some nosy kid looking for “the big secret.” My genuine desire for knowledge and assistance usually ends up answered with, “You have to find your own way and make your own schedule. I don’t know how to help you because you don’t have the drive.” Which is not true. I’m asking because I do have that drive and desire, and I want to know how to translate my desire to success. So please, don’t take my jealousy as competition, take it as admiration.

 So basically, these are my biggest struggles. I want help. I want to learn what to prioritize in order to succeed. I want to hear from coaches, business owners, etc., who have had these same struggles. I don’t want to call it quits on Beachbody. I really don’t. I want to make this business all that I have dreamed it can be and all that I see it being for others. I want this, and I want to reach the level of success that I have seen so many achieve. I’m struggling because after years of attempts, I don’t know where to start. I’m ready to start fresh, and if that means starting over from scratch, that’s what I’m going to do. So please, give your thoughts, your advice, your ideas…give me inspiration. I desperately need it!

If your’e easily offended by me ranting about how people can be a little creepy sometimes…stop it right there. (Eh, see what I did there?) I’m about to call out the creepers. So in the last few days, I’ve noticed that the views on this little blog have gone up…a lot. Like, quadruple their normal amounts. It’s probably because of “The Bolland Controversy” and the whole “Patrick Sharp Becoming a Papa” thing, but either way, more views = more people that don’t know me are reading my stuff. And I don’t mind. By all means, read away! But I have to remind everyone out there that I never really meant for this blog to reach the masses. I didn’t start this thing to become “a Hawks blogger” or any other kind of blog writer trying to influence opinions, inform, or even entertain. I set this up for my own amusement and to write things for friends to read…because let’s face it, sometimes Facebook and/or Twitter just doesn’t fit the need to communicate a hilarious story. Now, another reminder is that if you used Google or Bing or Yahoo to find my site, I can see what search terms were used to drive traffic my way. It’s a feature of wordpress. So…just thought I’d make you all aware of that, since lately some really weird terms have been used to find this page. Like, say, “naked hockey players.” While I understand that sort of thing may interest many, I cannot supply you with information or photos. And for that, I apologize. But this whole Google thing, it brings up another point that kind of weirds me out. It’s amazing the sorts of information people search for on the internet. I mean, I’ve known this for a while, and I’ve searched for some pretty random things, this is true. But reading some of the search terms really makes me uncomfortable sometimes. Search terms like “Corey Crawford’s personal life” come up, and while again, I understand the curiosity, it’s just weird to think that there are people out there who care enough about the personal lives of these guys to google it. Me, sure, I know more than a lot of people when it comes to some of their lives, but I didn’t learn my information by googling. I learned it through personal experiences and one hilariously amazing year. These guys have become like a family to me, in a way. Some closer than others, of course (since I hardly have had any conversation time with a lot of the new guys) but I feel overprotective of them like I would members of my family. So when I see people posting negative things, googling things like “Viktor Stalberg License Plate” and someone telling me that “Bolland’s gf is only with him for the money” I DO take it personally. People are allowed to have their opinions, yes, but if someone attacked your family with slander and negativity, you’d feel a little defensive, right? Maybe a little bit weirded out if it was a complete stranger? Yeah, that’s how I feel. Now when it comes to things like googling license plates and trying to find photos of their girlfriends or children, I think that is where things push past awkward and start to voyage into creepy. I mean, what are you going to do with Stalberg’s license plate? Are you going to stalk him? Are you a cop? Did someone that looked like Stalberg hit your car and drive off and you want to verify that it’s him? If it’s the last two, great…google away. But chances are, it’s not…and your searching is merely a stalking attempt, innocent as it may be. I know, some “stalking” is really just meant to be funny and inside jokes. I’ve been there, I understand, but there are people out there who will take personal info like that and go overboard. So if you were directed to this blog by googling things like I mentioned, I’m sorry, but this will not be a place for you to get info. You’re welcome to read on, but just a fair warning. Now, notice how I didn’t even address the third thing in that list of “things that people do.” The Bolland/money thing…yeah, I don’t even think I should justify that with a response. If you think that about that couple…fuck you, you don’t know a thing, so before you jump to ridiculous conclusions, get your goddamn facts straight and maybe learn a little about what love really is. There. It’s been addressed. Let’s move on. The bottom line, people, is that this blog was set up to share personal experiences, opinions, and give my friends a place to read funny things and laugh. If you’re looking for “official” info, I’m probably not your best source. If you’re looking for stalker material, sorry, try the creeper boards/blogs. That’s not my domain. If you’re here to slam the Hawks, you can say what you want, but just remember that these men are like family to me. And if you slam them, lie about them, or jump to some sort of idiotic conclusion about them, I will defend. I will probably call you out, and I will probably offend you. Just as you would defend your family, I will defend mine. So the lesson learned here is to stop being a creeper. If you’re here to read my blog, by all means I encourage it. Stop searching for personal information to make yourself “seem” more important and/or connected. If you want to get to know these guys, it’s not that hard. Just show up. Trust me, it can be done. Searching for photos of their children and wives won’t do it. These guys and their families are real people. Quit being a creeper. Thanks.

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…and another

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Because I had such a positive response with the Leddy post…here’s another one I have finished recently. 

David Bolland....steal my art images and suffer the consequences.
David Bolland. As always, steal my art, and I’ll hunt you down. If this is your original photo, notify me so I can give you credit!

I still have some detail work and a little on the background, but other than that, it’s ready to go!

So I added some new stuff to my site, www.artbymelissagoodrich.com such as this beauty:

My Nick Leddy sketch:  STEAL THIS AND DIE.
My Nick Leddy Sketch: 18×24, pencil. For sale. (This is MY artwork, if you steal it without crediting me, I will probably email-harrass you until I have credit.)

There’s more stuff being posted on my website very soon, too.  I’m really focused on a specific project right now, though, so as soon as I can get to it, I will! 

So, in case you didn’t know, over the weekend, Patrick Sharp became a daddy.  A HUGE congratulations go out to Patrick & Abigail Sharp on the birth of their daughter, Madelyn Grace Sharp. (I think that’s the correct spelling, but don’t quote me on it!) And oh my goodness, is she a precious little munchkin!  Seriously, tears of joy from a non-family member here (although, over the past couple of years, I’ve started to realize that these boys are a lot more “family like” than my own family sometimes…)

Patrick Sharp & his new baby, Madelyn

 Don’t lie, you can see a little bit of daddy in those eyes 😉  But seriously, congratulations, Sharps!  You guys are so blessed, and even though fan-girls everywhere may be freaking out, I’m insanely happy for you.  Now Patrick, keep up this “baby weekend playing awesome” stuff.  And if you need a babysitter at any time….you know….I’m around…. (haha)

Hey y’all…remember this?  And…how about how I’d really like to see it again?  Yeah, I sure would.

The original of this is still for sale if anyone wants it…it’s autographed. But you can order a print of it as well for a substantially lower price by clicking on the image. Lots of sizes, and you can even get it framed, matted, etc. It makes a pretty great gift…just sayin’! 🙂

Photography Prints